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Dedicated to those who sleep in the daylight, to those who still listen to loud music, to those who remain wild and rebel, to those who know well that rock isn’t a trend, but a way of life. Dedicated to those who gave up this movement for dead and saw it raise again every time. This videoclip is dedicated to you all, our huge source of inspiration. Rock’n'Roll Guy.

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Hi Rockers !!!

Moved by our common passion for music, last year we recorded and published our debut album “Night Tales”. The results greatly exceeded our expectations: a huge confirmation in terms of public that forced us to reprint the CD and excellent reviews by the critics. The number of fans increased, the audience attending our concerts got larger and larger and all this gave us the chance to perform also in France and in Greece where we have been hosted in the most popular TV show “Radio Arvila”.

These amazing experiences strengthened our enthusiasm and our will to keep playing music.

We have new songs for our new album, but now more than ever we need your help to make it. Together we can.

What we are asking for is to help us face the costs for recording, mixing, mastering, artwork and printing of our second CD whose release is foreseen in spring 2014.

Do ut des, Latins said. Every donation will have in return a reward that we hope will repay you for the help you are giving us.

We have a dream. Please help us making it real.

Thanks for your attention.

–> Website link: indiegogo.com

Contract with Street Symphonies

The Black Rain have signed a contract with Street Symphonies Records for the release of their debut album “Night Tales”, scheduled for November 2012. They play a classic hard rock, full of energy and heart, with a strong melodic component.

THE BALCK RAIN, accordo raggiunto con Street Symphonies « METALHEAD
I bolognesi The Black Rain hanno firmato un contratto con Street Symphonies Records per la pubblicazione del debut album “Night Tales”, previsto per novembre. La band propone un hard rock di derivazione classica, energico e d’impatto, ma dalla forte componente melodica.

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