The Black Rain: 4 gigs in France !!!

At the end of September The Black Rain, in collaboration with Extrême Factory Live, will perform some gigs in France. Here’s the dates:
23/09 O’Cd Lescot – Paris (acoustic concert)
24/09 Le Gibus Cafe – Paris
25/09 O’ Carolan Harp – Metz
26/09 Le New Tone – Valdoie

The Italian band is currently promoting its second album “Water Shape”, released by Atomic Stuff on June 2014.

The Black Rain: 4 concerts en France !!!

The Black Rain, en collaboration avec Extrême Factory Live, jouera en France fin septembre. Voici les dates:
23/09 O’Cd Lescot – Paris (concert acoustique)
24/09 Le Gibus Cafe – Paris
25/09 O’ Carolan Harp – Metz
26/09 Le New Tone – Valdoie

Le groupe italien est en train de promouvoir le deuxième album “Water Shape”, publié le 24 juin 2014 par Atomic Stuff.

Robert Johnson

Ladies and rockers, check out our new video “Robert Johnson”: a journey into the rock mood of 4 musicians, fans, and their come back to reality ;

Rock ‘n’ Roll Guy

Dedicated to those who sleep in the daylight, to those who still listen to loud music, to those who remain wild and rebel, to those who know well that rock isn’t a trend, but a way of life. Dedicated to those who gave up this movement for dead and saw it raise again every time. This videoclip is dedicated to you all, our huge source of inspiration. Rock’n'Roll Guy.

New Year, new album !!!

the Black Rain | New year New Album
Good news rockers, we are writing music, working hard and with so much passion for our new album “Water Shape”: results are more than promising, they are great !!! We will be in studio to start recording next month and, as promised, “Water Shape” will be released next spring and available in stores & d-stores. We are excited, positive, optimists and fu****g rock !!! Here we go !!!


The Black Rain | Greece Tour
Kalimera ! It is really hard to find the right words after this experience in Greece. Two live shows and being hosted in the tv show “Radio Arvila” (2.000.000 viewers) was more than we could expect.
Greece is another category of country, dudes ! Despite crisis and difficult economic conditions, people always give you all their help and all the possible support with a smile upon their face, giving you the clean impression that it is always a pleasure for them.just because “Italians + Greeks = one face one race”, because “You will always be welcome here” because Greece and Thessaloniki in particular has not only welcomed us, as if we were home, she’s greeted us like a mother. And we will always be grateful.
Therefore we want to express our warmest thanks to the following people:
Ellina Styliadou (Management & PR in Greece for The Black Rain), Radio Arvila staff, Antonis Kanakis, Giannis Servetas, Stathis Panagiotopoulos, Christos Kiousis, Dimitris Kosmopoulos, lutist Yannis Pavezas (if you ever find yourself in Thessaloniki and you need a guitar or a lutist, just ask and find him, he is a high level technician/musician), Shotgunz (an amazing rock band, true friends, and great “bad m@!##x*!@#”, we just love you rockers !!!), Kostantinos Tsagiopoulos, Mirella Giouzelis, Vassilis (Potato !!!), “zia Lena” and “zio Giorgio” (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!), Tattooland staff (great work my friends!), Silver Dollar Music Bar Staff, 8Ball Club Staff, all the people who followed and supported us in this amazing week, and obviously last but not least the great, beautiful Thessaloniki (Megali mou Ftochomana !!!) Every note played in your land is dedicated to you and we can still hear it echoing in our hearts.
We will come back. It’s a promise.

Between Rival Sons and Greek Tv

Waiting to be hosted by the most popular Greek television network, the band will play as the opening act of one of the two Italian concerts of Rival Sons.

Besides the Canadians The Balconies, one of the most promising rock trio into circulation, The Rival Sons, famous Californian band that reached the top in the international charts with the album “Pressure and Time” and after the success with their last “Head Down” that made them be among the winners of the last edition of the Classic Rock Award, appointed The Black Rain to open their concert, which will take place next April 5th in Zona Roveri, Bologna (Italy).

Moreover, after the tour that took them around France, the four band members (the singer Mirko Greco, Eugenio Bonifazi on guitar, Marco Moltani on bass and Raffaele Marchesini on drums) will be hosts during the second week of April on “Radio Arvila”, one of the most popular programs of the number one Greek television network, ANT1.

The Black Rain, formed in 2010 with the current line-up, right from the start showed to be one of the emerging realities with the strongest impact in the musical survey, thanks to their hard rock with a strong, charged-up sound, but with melodic, catchy and easy-listening lines.
Last November the band gave birth to “Night Tales”, their first CD released by Street Symphonies, which received great confirmations both from the public and the press.

Night Tales – French Tour

The Black Rain - Night Tales French Tour
From January 22nd to January 26th, 2013, The Black Rain will perform live in five French venues to promote their debut album “Night Tales”, released on November 3rd, 2012. The album has been receiving good feedback both from press critics and fans: the first press edition of “Night Tales” was SOLD OUT and a re-issue has been arranged.

Night Tales

The Black Rain - Night Tales
Night Tales, the first album by The Black Rain, will be released on November 3rd, 2012, and distributed via Andromeda Distribuzioni.
The Black Rain’s sound, ruled by melody, is deeply rooted in classic hard rock with no particular references. Beautifully arranged and well-recorded, Night Tales is a debut album that blends perfectly class and immediacy in ten memorable songs.

Night Tales Promotional Tour

Tour Dates of “Night Tales Promotional Tour” will be announced soon. Stay Tuned !